Friday, May 16, 2008

Where does the time go???

Where does the time go??? It is almost the end of May and already time to mow and plant my flowers. The discussion begins as I try one more year to convince Frank why I need to plant live plants and not buy "fake" silk ones. Now I have been known to surrender to the preassure and go the lovely silk route but after a week or so when they don't die, grow, and fade in the sun I have decided that if it can't be real, even with the effort it isn't worth the effort. Of course then there is trying to find the path through the front porch to actually enjoy the plants. How about it girls, what do you think??? There is something sooooo wrong with flowers being planned next to motorcycle alley!!!

I will try to catch you up on the comings and goings of 2008. The second week of Jan. Frank an I went with a couple of his brothers, a couple of friends and their wives to Cabo, Mexico. It was beautiful and except for the unseasonably cold weather we had a wonderful time. We went parasailing, ate, whale watching, ate, Frank went golfing and then we ate lots more. On the way home we took the long way home through Las Vegas where we went to a show, went to the temple, and ate some more. I hadn't been to Vegas in 30 years so we spent the evening enjoying the lights and all the beauty that is Vegas. I came on home and Frank stayed there for the traditional "Shot Show".

Frank and I in Las Vegas.

In Feb. we lost our dear Brother-in-law Stuart. He is Franks sister Anns husband. He left a huge hole in our family and our thoughts and prayers are with Ann and her family.
Frank with his mom and all his siblings.

In March Frank and I decided to try our skills at skiing again. We live an hour from Durango Colorado and it is sooo beautiful there that we thought it would be fun to start it up again. Frank is a natural but I think with a little practice we might be able to at least ride the lifts up together.

April found us in Mesquite, Nevade for more golf, shooting, lots of good food and quite time. Well, Frank golfed and did the shooting. I had the quite time and ate lots of good food.

Upon arriving back in Farmington I drove up to Moab and meet
Steven to take Samantha, and family down to visit us for a week or so during "Spring Break". We spent our days in our jammies playing legos and enjoying being together. During this week Frank drove up to take Jessica up to find a place to live in American Fork where she has been transfered. They were able to secure a place where she can have keep her best friend Conan, (her dog). She will help manage the "Chili's" there.
Cute Caden eating cookies and milk at Grandmas house.

Spencer takes a bath in Grandmas kitchen sink.

The day before I took Samantha back up to meet Steven in Moab, Ryan, Rachel, and Kate came to visit. They were able to shop, golf, and we were able to enjoy each other for a few day's until Kate bacame ill and they throught it was in their best interest to take her home to her own bed and her own doctor. On their way home they had some car problems which sent them back to us for another night, (no complaint coming from the grandma).

The end of April we hooked the trailer on to go up to Grand Junction to help Jessica make her move to American Fork. An hour out of town the trailer came loose the high-jacked itself into the back of Franks pick-up truck. We were lucky that we were able to slow it down and we came to a stop by the side of the road. But what then................. We had to go back to Farmington to get a jack and a new trailer ball and since I wasn't to crazy about staying behind to guard the trailer we thought it would be okay for the two hours it took to arrive back at the scene of the crime. Well, it became the "scene of the crime" because when we arrived back to pick it up and continue up to Jessica's it was GONE!!!! We had to continue to Jessica's without and rent a truck in Grand Junction.
We spent several days packing up Jessica and cleaning her
place to leave Grand Junction. Jessica diligently paints her walls while Frank and I try to hurry her along.

The carivan consists to the U-Haul, the pick-up and Jessicas car.

We arrived at Jay and Jen's were Jay and his family helped us unload the truck into his garage. Thanks Jay for your garage and all your help.

Ryan and Rachel invited Jessica to stay with them until she could move into her place. On April 31st, it was suppose to be complete May 6th but she wasn't able to close until May 14th. She hopes to buy her refrigerator, washer, and dryer and move in any day now.

While we were in Pleasant Grove we were able to
meet the kids and grandkids at Chuck E. Cheese. It is the all time family favorite and gives us all some time to be with the grandkids and visit with eachother.

Ryan and Kate love Chuck E. Cheese.

Jay and Avery.

Samantha and Caden.